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About Midnight Martian

Midnight Martian's popular app Moonlight Mahjong was released on the iTunes App Store on July 10, 2008. Midnight Martian's various apps are now used by (at least) tens of thousands of people every day.

Midnight Martian is one guy - me, Michael Howard - who's been working hard for years now to create some apps. As such, I can't answer every email or message I receive. However, if you have some feedback, you can send it to midnightplanets@me.com

The name "Midnight Martian" comes from the fact that I used to work on Mars-visualizing software around midnight after a full day's work. The name also means apps for Midnight Martians; in that sense, we can all be Midnight Martians. Feel free to use the apps during the day, though; it's always midnight somewhere.

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